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Traditional West Coast Cuisine. We serve breakfast lunch and dinner.

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  • Breakfast Menu

  • Main Menu - 1. Starters

  • Main Menu - 2. Salads

  • Main Menu - 3. Mains

  • Main Menu - 4. Desserts

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Breakfast Menu

Main Menu - 1. Starters

Main Menu - 2. Salads

  • Ons Huisie Salad


    Crisp mixed leaves with butternut, beetroot and feta topped with sunflower seeds and a vinaigrette dressing.
  • Snoek & Fries Salad


    Green salad served with flaked snoek, french fries, egg rings and a mayonnaise dressing.
  • Greek Salad


    Fresh mixed lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, olives and feta with a light vinaigrette dressing.
  • Chicken Salad


    Tandoori flavoured chicken breast served on a crisp garden salad and covered with a sweet chili mayo dressing.
  • Summer Salad


    Mixed herb salad, strawberry quarters and mozzarella cheese balls with a pesto dressing.
  • Calamari Salad


    Deep Fried Calamari set on a bed of garden Salad drizzled with a herb mayonnaise dressing.

Main Menu - 3. Mains

  • Steak and kidney pie


    Steak and kidney mixed into a rich gravy with a hint of red wine.
  • Sauces


    Creamy mushroom, cheese, pepper, chilli or garlic.
  • Homemade breads


    Rooster koek or corn bread or blik brood.
  • Hake & Prawn


    Full portion of deep fried hake and 6 prawns, served with chips and tartar sauce.
  • Hake & Calamari


    Full portion of deep fried hake and 125g deep fried calamari, served with chips and tartar sauce.
  • Calamari & Prawn


    250g deep fried calamari steak strips and 6 Tiger Prawns, served with chips and tartar sauce.
  • Small Bay Basket


    Crumbed prawns, deep fried Calamari, smoked snoek samoosas and chips, served with tartar sauce
  • Ons Huisie Kombuisie


    Spicy chicken wings, deep fried calamari and chips, served with sweet chilli and tartar sauce.
  • Wippertal basket


    Potato cheese bites, vegetable springrolls, steak rissoles, beef samoosa and chips, served with chilli mayo and sweet chilli sauce.
  • Andy’s Chicken, Prawn and Litchi Potjie


    Succulent chicken pieces and three prawns cooked in a litchi, lemon and chilli sauce
  • Big Storm Pasta


    Mussels, calamari, prawns, line fish and garlic tossed in a creamy tomato reduction.
  • Seafood Platter


    6 tiger prawns, 125g deep fried calamari steak strips, 250g line fish and 150g west coast mussels, served with rice, chips, vegetables of the day and a duo of sauces.
  • Crayfish


    450g Crayfish covered in lemon cream, served with chips, rice and vegetables.
  • Calamari


    Succulent deep fried, pan fried or cajun style calamari served with vegetables of the day, accompanied with chips or rice and tartar sauce.
  • West Coast Potjie


    Calamari, prawns, line fish and mussels in a creamy curry sauce, served with rice and a poppadum.
  • Fish & Chips


    Need we say more…? Fish and chips done the West Coast way, served with tartar sauce and a salad garnish.
  • Oven Baked Snoek (**Contains Bones**)


    A traditional West Coast favourite, basted with an apricot and butter sauce, served with sweet potato cakes and vegetables of the day.
  • Harlem Long Line Fish


    Catch of the day served with a creamy herb mash and vegetables of the day smothered with lemon cream.
  • Ons Huisie Prawns


    Pan fried prawns in lemon cream, set on a bed of rice, accompanied with vegetables of the day.
  • Francis se Chicken Pie


    Home made chicken and mushroom pie served with chips or a side salad.
  • Roasted Vegetable Crêpes


    Layered crêpes with roasted vegetables, topped with a creamy herb sauce, almonds and parmesan cheese.
  • Sir Baird Pasta


    Penne pasta tossed with tender chicken strips and sautéed mushrooms in a creamy béchamel sauce.
  • Uncollected Mail


    Layers of grilled vegetables and feta wrapped in phyllo pastry, drizzled with basil pesto, served with a side salad.
  • Charlie’s Oxtail


    Slow cooked in a red wine and rosemary jus, served with rice and vegetables of the day.
  • Rib Rack


    Pork belly ribs marinated in our secret basting sauce served with chips.
  • Lamb Bredie


    Green bean bredie prepared daily with the finest of ingredients and herbs, served with rice and vegetables of the day.
  • Rib Burger


    Pork rib patties topped with bacon and cheese, served with chips.
  • Captains Burger


    200g pattie served with chips and topped with a sauce of your choice.
  • Ostrich Bobotie


    The old favourite! Served with vegetables of the day, rice, mango chutney and beetroot.
  • Venison Potjie


    Slow cooked Venison, simmered in a red wine jus combined with carrots, baby potatoes, onions and a hint of garlic, served with rice.
  • De Melkbos Farm Rump


    250g beef rump served with chips and a vegetable parcel, accompanied with a sauce of your choice.

Main Menu - 4. Desserts

Recommended Dishes

  • Big Bay


    Toast topped with baked beans curried Mince and fried eggs.
  • Tomato Delight


    Tomato stuffed with onion and feta, smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and mushrooms.
  • Ons Huisie Breakfast


    Fried or Scrambled eggs, grilled bacon, sautéed mushrooms, pork sausage, grilled tomato and hashbrown.

Wine Menu

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